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04 May 2017

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Who are the bidders in the auction room in 2017?

It is often said that auctions are a barometer for the health of the wider property market. As such, investors kept a keen eye on the performance of UK auction houses in the months following last June’s EU referendum. Director Philip Waterfield is quoted to say, 'It can be very hard to know if the person buying a particular lot is British or not'... [Login required]


08 Mar 2017

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Blurred lines: City Versus Fringe

With the price gap vanishing, is it a battle of buildings and amenities? City & City Fringe Agency Director, Mark Bolton is quoted to say, "for some occupiers, yes, the City is now better priced than some fringe alternatives and boundaries are blurring for the bigger occupiers. But for SMEs, the fringe has an advantage because availability is a lot better". Read more in Estates Gazette. [Login required]


 08 Mar 2017

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Strettons Looks For New Opportunities

Strettons’ east London heartland is now the “centre of the universe”, as director Simon Tilsiter puts it, and the 86-year-old firm is determined to make the most it – and to continue growing its business further afield. That includes a new brand and website, launched this week, to make it more visible in the market". Read more in Estates Gazette. [Login required]


21 Jan 2017

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Property Auctions Round-Up Q4 ‘16

"No longer just a domain for investors, developers and property traders, the auction room is now the preferred option of buying and selling property for a number of people looking for a fast and secure method of sale." Strettons' auction results and opinion in Estate Agent Today. 



12 Jan 2017

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Strettons' Forecast Surpassed After Busy Final Sale of 2016

"Strettons’ sales total for 2016 exceeded expectations to hit £70m, thanks to a busier-than-usual December auction." [Login required] 

04 Jan 2017

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2017 Predictions: Auctioneers Bullish Despite Major Residential Challenges

"Given all the uncertainty swirling around the property market as a whole, last year was a remarkably good one for auctions." Philip Waterfield predicts what he thinks 2017 will bring for auctions. [Login required] 

28 Oct 2016

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Investors Continue to Snap Up Homes at Auction

"Philip Waterfield, director at Strettons, said: “Despite the stamp duty increase on second homes and uncertainty caused by Brexit, the market still seems strong which is a positive sign for the remainder of the year, and hopefully beyond.”

27 Oct 2016

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Waterfield: ‘Killer’ Surcharge Not Helping First-Time Buyers

"The 3% stamp duty surcharge on second homes is “a killer” that is not doing what it’s supposed to do, according to Philip Waterfield of Strettons." Auctions Director, Philip, discusses the effects of the stamp duty tax. [Login required] 

 08 Mar 2017

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Where to Invest and What to Buy

You have a lump sum to invest and are hoping the property sector will deliver better returns than the building society. But where to start? Five experts share their top picks and auctions director, Philip Waterfield explains what you could do with £250,000, £500,000 and £1M+ on Estates Gazette. [Login required] 

 31 Aug 2016

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Brexit: London Resi Down But Far From Out

"Before the EU referendum, government analysis suggested that house prices would drop by 18% across the UK if the country voted to leave." Our residential Sales & Lettings Manager weighs in. [Login required] 

 04 Aug 2016

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London House Prices: How Has Brexit Affected the Capital’s Property Market?

"Foreign investment is up and millennial perma-renters are hopeful — in the referendum aftermath, it’s all change in the property market." Philip Waterfield, Director at Strettons, shares his opinion.

24 June 2016 

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Legislation & Innovation: The Changing Face of Auctions

"Foreign investment is up and millennial perma-renters are hopeful — in the referendum aftermath, it’s all change in the property market." Philip Waterfield, Director at Strettons, shares his opinion. [Login required] 

 18 Feb 2016

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The Hunt For the 500K House

"Armed with half a million and longing to buy a three-bed, London's thirtysomethings are queueing up to settle down in the outer Zones." Philip Waterfield, Director at Strettons, discusses changes in East London's property market and buying conditions.  

 21 Aug 2015 

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WeWork Takes Two Floors at Space Shoreditch

"WeWork has signed a deal to take 48,000 sq ft of space near Old Street." Strettons' City & City Fringe Commercial Agency facilitated the placement as WeWork expands throughout London. [Login required]