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Proxy Bidding

Our property auctions are held in Central London but we can arrange telephone, proxy and internet bidding. Please download our proxy/telephone bidding form, fully complete it, and return it to Strettons before 5.00 pm one clear working day before the start of the relevant auction.

You'll notice that the form asks for deposit payment details and two forms of identification, so please be sure to include all of the necessary documents to help you bid on the day of the auction. 


View Our Auction Online

On the day of the auction, you can follow along in real-time by clicking this link.

It's not currently possible to bid while viewing online, but it will allow you to track your proxy/telephone bids.

Once the auction begins, you can visit this link to follow along and see the bidding progress of your chosen lot.

If you have any questions at all, a member of our Auctions team would be happy to help you set up your proxy and telephone bidding form so feel free to email them at auctions@strettons.co.uk

Good luck!